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ELISHA OLUYEMI won the 2022 Lagos-HCAF Writing Contest (Prose) and came first runner-up in both the Shuzia 2021 Short Story Contest (2nd Ed.) and the 2022 Flash Fiction Contest. He co-edited the PROFWIC Crime Fiction Anthology, Vol 1. Elisha has writing published/forthcoming in journals, including Mystery Tribune, L=Y=R=A, The Bitchin' Kitsch, Brittle Paper, SprinNG, Dark Winter Mag, Hooghly Review, Iris Youth, Entropy, African Writer, Salamander Ink, Erato, Neurological, Kalahari, Nymphs, Shallow Tales Review, Sledgehammer, and elsewhere.


'Pandora in the Throat of Adam' was previously published (March 2022) by Adoxography, a literary magazine which has gone defunct for about 12 months now. 

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